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This week was quite fun; I turned 24 on Wednesday, went to the Poe museum on Thursday, saw Panic! At the Disco yesterday, and watched Texas lose to Texas Tech today.

My dad was out of town this whole week so Patrick took me out to eat on my birthday. He also bought me a Fall Out Boy shirt, Motion City Soundtrack's "Even if It Kills Me" vinyl, and the December issue of Alternative Press with Fall Out Boy on the cover. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and I ordered 24 boneless wings; I always order more food than I can eat. I barely ate half of it. Today we celebrated again by getting food from Joe's Inn and having Cherry Pie (in lieu of cake). I got $50 from my uncle and $55 from my aunt (25 for my birthday and 20 for Halloween). I didn't get to open any presents so I didn't really have anything to look forward to but I'm getting way too old for my parents to buy me birthday presents.

On Thursday, I went to the Poe museum with my Romanticism professor and a couple classmates; there were supposed to be about 11 of us but no one else showed up. Patrick met us there and we took a self guided tour. They have Poe's boyhood bed, clues to his death, a room full of his first editions, a map of Richmond in the early 1800's, and two rooms of Poe in comics especially for Halloween. It was only $5 for students and $6 for adults. He and his sister were separated when he was just two years old when his mother died in a fire.

The only birthday present I asked for this year was two tickets to see Panic! At the Disco on Halloween at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia, two days after my birthday. Patrick wanted to go out to eat at Hard Rock Cafe before the show but even with directions it still took an hour to find. I called google 411 and found the address and we were there five minutes later. He told the waitress it was my birthday (close enough) so I got a free sundae and embarrassed in front of everyone. Patrick recorded it on his phone.

We left after 7 and got there for the last few songs of Plain White T's so we missed The Cab which was fine with me because I had no intention of enjoying them. The place was so empty; I was really shocked and disappointed. We still couldn't sit anywhere we wanted though, but we did anyway because someone took our seats. Plain White T's were dressed up in typical boy costumes: the grim reaper, vampire, etc. I'd seen them before so I wasn't too crushed when we missed most of their set. Since it was the rock band live tour, two bands from the area played in between Plain White T's and Dashboard Confessional.

No one from Dashboard Confessional dressed up; they wore their usual emo attire but Chris Carrabba insisted that he was going to dress up later as a shower curtain with nothing but his birthday suit on under it. They didn't play many songs; probably only 10 or so. They have about 8 CD's so I was really disappointed that they didn't play more. I'm a lot more familiar with their older material anyway and they played a lot of newer songs. I really wanted them to play Again I Go Unnoticed. No band ever plays any of my favorite songs by them, including Panic! At the Disco.

There were two more rock band live bands before Panic! At the Disco. Their set was surprisingly tame by their standards. Usually they dress up like clowns and have back up dancers and all kinds of crazy irrelevant crap. This time they all dressed up; Ryan was a mummy, Brendon was a vampire, Jon was a Mexican (I think), and I don't know what Spencer was but he looked like a farmer. They had jack-o-lantern buckets of candy that everyone on the floor got. I like their old(er) songs a lot more than their newer but it all sounded a lot better live, especially their newer songs. They didn't play Time to Dance, though, and that's the first song I ever heard by them and it's always been my favorite. They played for probably a good hour and a half but it seemed significantly shorter than that. The last song they played was Shout and they didn't even do an encore. The only way it could've been better is if Dashboard and P!ATD played for longer.

We didn't get home until after 6am because Patrick kept stopping every 10 miles to sleep and I can't drive stick so I certainly wasn't going to drive.
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